What do our Clients say about us?

Testimonials are very important to our business; we value all our customers feedback and we are very happy with the positive feedback we get. Our recommendations equate to around 85% of our work, put quite simply, without our customers we aren’t a business, we know this and work very hard to make sure our customers are happy with all aspects of their purchase.

I’m a very cynical person in so many ways, I always wonder if other people’s reviews and comments are real. I see so many wonderful comments online, but these are not always backed up with Facebook or Google reviews - these formats are almost impossible to make up, I’m not so sure about some of the other review sites; a company that’s paid to show your reviews sounds a little too fabricated to me, but like I say, I am cynical.

All our reviews on this website have been taken either from Facebook or Google, we have many more reviews in the way of “Thank you” cards in the showroom too, also below you will find a video that some of our customers took part in, we really do have some wonderful customers and can’t thank them enough.

Happy reading!


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