Why choose Wakefield Bathrooms?

Here at Wakefield Bathrooms we pride ourselves on bespoke luxury bathroom design and installation. With our specialist team of in house designers and installers, we are the number one choice for bathroom projects in West Yorkshire. 

Your bathroom is very important to us, we take our time and lots of care goes into all our bathroom designs, it's not just a job for us, we are here to create something special for each and every one of our customers, it's important your bathroom stands out from the rest and shows your individuality and personality. 

"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten" 

We like to start the process with you visiting the showroom, this way we can discuss your requirements and get a feel for what you like by asking a few questions and seeing what styles you like in our showroom, we then arrange a convenient time to visit your home and gather all the information we need, this includes the measurements and also get a feel for what you like in terms of decor in the rest of the house, visiting your home really does connect lots of the dots for us to come up with the perfect design. 

Next we start to design the bathroom back at our showroom, this can take anything from one hour to a full day depending on the size and complexity of the design we are to create, our philosophy is there's no rush as long as you get the perfect bathroom, after all, that's why you have come to Wakefield Bathrooms to start with, we aren't like any other bathroom showroom. 

The next step is to get you back to the showroom and present your bathroom design and run through the process involved with the installation, we will also have a full quotation ready for you based on the products used within the design and will show you the benefits to these products and why we recommend them. 

We would just like to point out we do offer a "price match promise" if you find the exact same products installed by and in house installation team (not sub-contractors) cheaper we will match that price, in-fact we will better it by £50 - We are that confident we will not be bettered on price on a "Like for Like" service. 

Reviews are very important to us! 

Did you know over 80% of our work comes from recommendation? 

It's one thing being able to create the perfect design that works for you, it's something that most showrooms should be able to offer to be fair, or at least they will think they can and I’m sure they will believe everything they say, however it's another thing bringing that from design to the finished product, our process is complete in house, our installation team is employed directly on our books and we firmly believe this is the way it should be, is it the cheapest way of doing things? NO it's not, but it's the only way to guarantee the complete service and be in control from start to finish, too many times have i heard before people have spent thousands on good quality products only for the installers to make a mess and ruin your dream bathroom, in our opinion it simply isn't worth the slight saving in cost, let us deal with everything and take full control. 

We are open enough to say we do incur problems from time to time (however they are very limited) but we believe in putting things right, not just for our reputation but because it's the right thing to do, we aren't here for the short term, our business started in 2003 and we intend to be still trading in another 100+ years, it's more than a job to us here at Wakefield Bathrooms.

Our reviews are there for all to see, we don't hide anything and all are online.