Who to choose and why?

I'm sorry but I'm going to have a little bit of a rant this morning, I get sick of going on measures to find someone has had a bathroom completed within the last year or so and the customer is looking to change because of the poor workmanship. It's very easy for someone to say 'I'm good at what I do', because no tradesman is going to say 'employ me to do the job I'm rubbish', it just doesn't work like this! Unfortunatley some people have a different view on quality and what they feel is acceptable. 

We recently lost out on a bathroom refurbishment because we were more expensive than the other people who quoted, I have now found out that what was fitted by the other company was 1) less quality of product and not designed to last and 2) the worksmanship is so poor the bathroom needs removing and re doing, most of the goods need buying again because they cannot be saved. This job now will be costing a lot more than initially planned as it has to be done twice!

I'm not saying use us because we are brilliant (although we are) what I'm saying is do your homework, read online reviews, ask for reccomendations, can you see their work? maybe call a previous job and ask to go look, if they are as good as they say they really wouldn't mind any of this. Don't just take our word on how good we are, let our work speak for it self and listen to our past clients.

Type Wakefield Bathrooms into google and read our online reviews, there are approximatley 20 to read and all by genuine customers!!