What toilet option is best for me?

What toilet option is best for me? 

This is a very important question, many will think it’s stupid and that a toilet is a toilet. However, the difference between even the slightest change in your toilet makes a huge difference to the appearance of your room. It has to look right in your bathroom for you to be happy. Many of you now may be thinking that you're not happy with the way your bathroom looks, think about it for a second, is it your toilet? And if it is make a change, your toilet has to look right with the design and the style of your bathroom. If you are looking to make a change to your bathroom, or even just wondering how there can be more than one type of toilet then carry on reading. Below I also include personal choices from various different brands, happy reading.


Close coupled toilet :


The toilet that everyone knows and is available in many shapes, sizes and styles and with the option of an open back or a closed back; known as a close coupled toilet. The open back version is predominantly used when the soil pipe comes out of the side of the toilet, or if there’s an internal soil stack. The close coupled fully back to wall version (pictured) tends to be more popular these days as it hides the pipes and stops any dust traps, you can get really nice looking close coupled toilets these days that compliment any luxury bathroom. Even though the open back close coupled toilet looks smaller and not as bulky, it is the least popular version out of the two options. Depending on the view point an open back close coupled toilet can look unsightly because of the gap at the bottom of the toilet, a closed back closed coupled toilet however, is nice to look at and is easier to clean.


My Favourite : Duravit Happy D2 Close coupled toilet with soft close seat

Best Value : Duravit Durastyle close coupled toilet with soft close seat

Low level toilet: 


Thinking about them now, it seems a long time since we have seen or fitted a low level toilet. Going back 40 years they were a lot more popular and were seen in many houses across Wakefield. They were great when budgets were low and space was limited. In 2019, we have a lot more options and many of us are no longer limited to space. The low level toilet cistern is a toilet where the cistern and the toilet bowl are joined by a short flush pipe, so that the cistern sits slightly above and behind the bowl. Many people now think why have a low level toilet when you can get a close coupled one, I guess they’re not wrong but in the right setting these toilets can look really effective. It’s a shame they are not seen more often despite there now being many other options. I know this is all my own opinion, however I think most people would agree with me on this.



My Favourite : Heritage Victoria low level toilet with seat

Best Value : Burlington low level toilet with seat



High Level toilet :


Unlike the Low Level toilet this one has a higher marketing point, this is mainly because in the right setting and house it can look really effective. This toilet will remind many of us of our grandparents, but now it is often found in hotels or old cottages, paired with a cast iron bath and Edwardian style washbasin. With a high level toilet the cistern would be out of the way however, you would need a bigger bathroom with a higher ceiling to avoid looking out of place. The high level toilet has been redesigned many times meaning you can now get it fitted perfectly to your design and the way your bathroom looks. High level toilets are obviously more expensive than low level toilets and can range from anywhere between £200 and £1000. Though these do have a price tag, they can look very effective in the right space.


My Favourite : Heritage Victoria high level toilet with seat

Best Value : Burlington high level toilet with seat

Back to wall toilet :


This is a very popular option because it can be fitted into any space, tiled wall or piece of furniture. It looks very neat and tidy and is generally found in many modern day bathrooms. Even though it can’t be seen, it needs to be remembered that a cistern is still needed for the toilet to work.  Before you plan your bathroom, try and make sure you leave enough room for pipes and a cistern to fit in. Although it doesn’t make that much of a difference, leaving a space in your wall for your cistern will be considered in the design of your bathroom. This design of toilet can look very compact and neat in your bathroom. One advantage to back to wall toilets is that it they can look very effective in a small bathroom because there isn’t an external cistern to worry about saving wall space for. These types of toilets will definitely add a modern look to your bathroom.


My Favourite : Duravit Happy D2 back to wall toilet

Best Value : Duravit Durastyle back to wall toilet


Wall hung toilet:


My favourite, for me this style of toilet just looks great and makes the bathroom look even more “WOW”. It’s available in many styles and has a lot of size options too, and we can also offer this as a compact wall hung pan and it just looks great. It does come with a price tag though unfortunately, it’s not just the toilet and seat you need but a metal wall hung frame and also the push button to match, this is something you have lots of choice on too, and the installation costs are much higher than a standard close coupled toilet. Yes you can do this on a tighter budget but I’m not yet sold on the quality of the cheaper frames and buttons, my feeling is if you are going to build it in and restrict access make sure you buy a brand with very little problems, I would always choose wither Geberit or Viega for my frame and button, and personally prefer the “value for money”on the Duravit range of wall hung pans and seats. You have to admit this does look great.


My Favourite : Duravit Me by Starck wall hung pan

Best Value : Duravit Durastyle wall hung pan

Aquaclean toilet :


I was surprised when I first saw this on the market here in the UK. My initial reaction was I can’t see that selling over here, but it is proving me wrong, and now I’m more educated on them I can see just why they are becoming popular. They are much sleeker then when they first came onto the market and the hygiene advantages are unbelievable, when you look at the pro’s against the cons it makes you wonder why anyone would want a normal toilet to be quite honest! I can honestly see these being the standard toilet in the UK in another 10 years time.


They are much more hygienic and easier to clean than a standard toilet. I’m already hearing rumours that they will be standard fit in the nursing home market in the coming years, and I wouldn’t be surprised, I would seriously consider installing one of these toilets the next time you change your bathroom, we always say a bathroom is a 20 year process if you look after it and buy the right quality products, this really could be a useful purchase especially as we get older. We also have one on display so we would be happy to give you a demonstration if you like?


My Favourite : Geberit Aquaclean Classic in White

Best Value : Geberit Sensowash Slim



This blog has been done by myself and my daughter Olivia Osborne