What does a new bathroom cost?

I get asked this more than any other question, and it’s probably the hardest question to answer, and here’s why :

It’s such a difficult question to answer, it really is how long is a piece of string? The one price that stays pretty much consistent in your bathroom is the labour aspect, the materials are the items that generally shape the cost of the bathroom, you can spend as low as £129 on a close coupled toilet and in excess of £1,000 on one too! Obviously they are different qualities and designs and it will depend on what style and also budget you would like to put on the project, this applies to all the products within the bathroom, there’s such a huge range of qualities and prices of the actual goods, taps, showers, baths, shower enclosures, towel rails, accessories and even bathroom tiles have such a massive price difference and generally it comes down to either quality or style. I like to put things into perspective and try to justify my spend, this is how I would look at it, let’s say an average size bathroom with a size of 1.7m x 2.2m which has a bath, shower over the bath, a bath screen, toilet, washbasin and pedestal, taps and towel rail fully tiled could costs around £4,000 to £6,000 fully installed using the cheaper level of goods from China or similar, all these goods come with a 12 month guarantee and it really is the luck of the draw, they could last 12 month or 5 years. Now lets use mid range products as a guide, the same bathroom using British / German quality goods I would estimate to cost around £8,000 to £10,000 fully installed and if looked after these goods would usually last around 20 to 25 years, if you are staying in the house it really is an easy decision. Based on the cheaper option you would pay for the installation / goods again at least 4 times, it’s a false economy, over time you will pay more for the cheaper bathrooms than you would buying the quality goods to start with.

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, one of the best quotes I hear is “it’s only a small bathroom so it won’t be expensive” my reply to this is “Why does it not have a bath, toilet, washbasin or towel rail in? Their reply is yes, so the only difference is the quantity of tiles required and a little less labour installing those tiles, when you think about it logically it’s not the size of the rooms that makes such a big impact it’s the quality of the goods bought.

Ultimately we want to work for everyone and we will work to most budgets, we will be honest and tell you exactly what you are getting and will probably advise you against some goods but at the end of the day it’s your call, there is a limit to how low we will go in terms of the quality of the goods to be installed as it’s ultimately our reputation. You will only get good honest help and advise from us here at Wakefield Bathrooms, no clever sales pitches, just people passionate about what we do.

We have a quote on our wall at work that says “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten” this is so true.

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