We are proud to be sponsoring player Callum Parkinson from Wakefield Trinity PDRL

We really are proud to be involved with the Wakefield Trinity PDRL, it may be on a small scale to our other sponsorship with the club but how can you not want to be involved. It is truly inspirational reading Callums’ story and I’m not so sure i could be as strong both mentally and physically as him. It makes you think long and hard about the things we take for granted on a day to day basis. Below we have given a player profile of Callum and his amazing story which I’m sure he wouldn't mind us telling. 

name : Callum parkinson 

age : 22 

junior club : newsome panthers in huddersfield 

Callum has cerebral palsy but is ambulant, caused by a car accident. He was knocked over and both sides of his skull had to be removed during a live-saving operation. Callum came out of intensive care with the right side of his body paralysed and couldn't speak, he had no vocabulary. After 3 years of physio and speech therapy he has regained his speech. He's now epileptic but controlled by medication. Callum has two plates attached to his skull to help him protect his brain and is one of the PDRL 'red shorts' who are semi-contact (touch) and will wear the number 9 shirt for the pdrl wakefield trinity team.

Despite the challenges Callum has faced he is currently a business analyst for a global engineering company and as of September will be going to university part-time to study a business management degree. Callum loves sports, but particular rugby league and is a regular gym goer. 

good luck for 2018 and beyond Callum, we will be cheering you on, you really are an inspirational young man.