Value for Money?

I get asked all the time what does an average bathroom cost? Well the honest answer is there's no such thing as an average bathroom. We offer bathrooms to fit pretty much every budget and we will always  be honest and tell you exactly what you are getting for your money. 

In my opinion we have a lot to be grateful for in terms of DIY stores and online retailers; as a convenient way of getting those essential items quick, and that they predominantly sell cheap imported bathroom suites, but the question is "are they value for money"? This depends on your outlook; the short answer I guess in today's modern day throw away society is yes, but it's exactly that! 

If you are expecting to replace a bathroom every 15 to 25 years then I would stay well clear of these cheap imported items and concentrate on the quality brands of which there are many available. Do some research and look into the manufacturer - Where are they made? How long have they been trading? What guarantees do they offer? Have they won any awards? 

There's an old saying "you get what you pay for" this is very much true, I'm a firm believer in this and it's been proven to me in my fifteen years plus in the bathroom industry. I often used to ask myself how can a toilet be worth £400 plus pounds? After many problems and endless return visits to client homes I now wonder how a toilet under that figure works! When you think a quality manufacturer have internal workings that cost more money than a cheap DIY style toilet, it beggars belief really. Are you asking for trouble? I think so. 

Let's look at this from a different angle, if you were to spend £100 on a new toilet it would cost near on the exact same figure to install as a toilet at £400 would cost. I would estimate that the £100 toilet would have a 1/2 year guarantee and the £400 toilet a 10 year plus guarantee. So if we said for example: to fit the toilet was £100 and the cheaper toilet was £100 and it lasted 2 years (which I estimate the length of the guarantee to be) that would be a whopping £1,000 pound spent on a toilet to last 10 years. If you had bought the better toilet at £400 I would say you would get a minimum of 10 years for £500. If looked after this would probably last 20 to 25 years too! So which is the best value for money now? 

I do understand everyone has a budget and nobody should ever spend more than they have but its sometimes worth saving that little bit more to get the best value. 

I'm going to start a weekly blog regarding manufacturers and my honest opinion on what you could expect from each one. I know doubt will upset a few people with these blogs but I feel I have learnt so much within the bathroom industry it would be a shame not to pass it on. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next one 


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