Quality over Cost??

Well this is a subject that’s discussed pretty much daily here at Wakefield Bathrooms, and the answer we seem to come up with nine out of ten times is; it’s personal preference although we always arrive at the word “quality”. There’s a simple enough reason for this once you weigh up all the pro’s and cons, it seems a very strange thing to say but the “Quality” option actually works out cheaper in the long run, it really is false economy buying cheap, Why? I hear you say, well here’s what we think.


The bathroom seems to be a room that gets done once every 20+ years, this is if you have an old coloured suite or an old Armitage shanks or Ideal standard suite installed. Back then goods were made and designed to last the test of time, these days we live in a world of throw away Britain, it’s hard to type but true all the same. Nothing is built to last or even be repaired like it used to, or so it seems, it is available but you the customer are constantly having cheap products put in front of you, it’s become a society where most of us first ask how much something is rather than how well it’s built / how long it will last. It doesn’t have to be this way though, “Quality” is available and can be found quite easily, there are many brands within the bathroom industry that (in our opinion) are built to last, it’s probably a good idea to look for a brand from either here in the UK or Germany, there are other counties that do good quality goods too but it’s hard to go wrong in our experience using this formula.


When buying the cheaper products it really is a lottery, I have known customers need to change the bathroom after 14 months and then I have seen them last five years before things start going wrong, it comes down to how you look after it, how often it’s used and also a little luck. I always think of it like this, you could have two, three or four bathrooms supplied and installed by the time the “Quality” bathroom is due for changing, it really does make sense and cheaper in the long run to go for the better quality goods.


Obviously this is all based on our experience over the last fifteen years and seeing first hand what can happen, it doesn’t apply to everyone or everything but it’s something we truly believe in.


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