Proud to Support Wakefield Trinity in 2018!

Wakefield Trinity 2018 

As many of you will know here at Wakefield Bathrooms we are big Wakefield Trinity fans, over the years we have slowly increased our sponsorship with the club until last year (2017) when we became a shirt sponsor. We featured above the players names on the reverse of the shirt, it was a great feeling and a really proud moment, everytime we watched Sky sports and to see our own company represented on a huge format was brilliant! I had been told for years that this form of adversing worked and we should be doing it, in all honesty I thought it was just a line to get us to advertise, it didn't really matter anyway though because as soon as we were in a position to do it, we were, this is our club and I have always said if everyone does as much as they can then the club would be in a much different place. It doesn't happen without hard work and a little luck, anyway, in 2017 we were on the shirt and I was blown away with the numbers we recieved in visits to our website, social media, calls and emails, I can honestly say it works, the exposure that the shirt sponsorship has given "Wakefield Bathrooms" is unbelievable, needless to say we were happy to carry on with this type of sponsorship in 2018. If you're thinking of getting involved with Wakefield Trinity, stop thinking and action it! Just think where the club could be in years to come if all businesses within the Wakefield district got involved in some way or another? Sleeping giant comes to mind. 

Let's hope 2018 is a great year for Wakefield Trinity, we just need that new ground please Mr Box.

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