Contactless Service due to Covid-19

Covid-19 What we are doing to keep customers safe from start to completion!


Our customers are a huge part of what we do, in-fact they are pretty much everything, without our customers we simply aren’t a business. To keep both our customers and our members of staff safe during Covid-19, we have had to diversify and create new ways to still offer you great service without the contact.


At Wakefield Bathrooms our reputation is everything to us, in almost 17 years of trading with many happy customers, we have never had to deal with something like this, we have had to adapt, and we think we now have a pioneering safe service for all.



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The Design


This could be one of the more tricky parts of the process, we will start by asking you to measure your current bathroom and do a little sketch for us, don’t worry it’s simple enough to do and we can talk you through it. It doesn’t have to be millimetre perfect just yet either, all measurements will be checked on pre-installation survey too by our survey team.


Once we have the measurements we will discuss a few little details about what’s important to you - what would you like from your bathroom, how does it need to work for you and what colours are important? We then start the design process, and slowly bring your new bathroom to life using our state of the art bathroom design software, once we have the design all complete we will be back in touch with some images via email, WhatsApp or video call, whichever works best for you.


Once we have presented the design we can discuss why we think this design works best, at any stage please give the designer feedback, if it’s not right for you just say, it’s important we give you exactly what you like. If there’s any other tips or changes we could suggest we will, and once you are completely satisfied that this is the bathroom for you we can move on to stage two.

The Quotation / Colour choices


The design is all complete and we can start putting together a quotation, this has two or three stages depending on the project design and size. We will start by getting you all the information for a complete and comprehensive quotation, once we know this is within your budget we can then start phase two of the quotation.


Phase two of the quotation includes listing and breaking down each section of the bathroom, with a detailed description of what’s included, individual sizes, colours and sub frames will be listed here, what plumbing is required and what plumbing materials will be used - tile adhesive, trims and sub floors too. All information including technical specifications, will be listed on a 2d installation drawing ready for the Survey and installation teams to work off, all this information is carefully gone through with you so you know what you are getting and the procedure of the installation too.


During these times we will try include items on the quotation that are stocked here in the UK, many of the items we offer are German and can have lead-times of 6-8 weeks, with Covid-19 we are trying to limit any potential problems and include stocked goods within the designs. The stock levels from our trusted partners are very high and we haven’t as yet had any problems with supply during the current lockdown, in fact we have supplied many key workers with goods on a very quick turnaround.


Let’s finish this section with a video call? This works best we think for this part of the process, we can show you the the goods within the quotation and put together a colour kit, this way you can see all the colours together and make any changes to items you aren’t sure of.

The Installation - Keeping to Social distancing advice


Our Installation team are directly employed (not sub contractors remember), and we have strict and key processes in place to guarantee the safety of them and you the client, all installation staff know the importance of maintaining cleanliness during this process, all have hand sanitiser, gloves and know the importance of maintaining distance.


We can arrange a safe way for the installation team to get access, we have a simple solution that seems to work quite well and we can discuss this either over the phone or on video call with your key contact. All we ask is that we maintain a safe distance while the team is working, we can talk through the process of making contact with them and how that will work, remember this is as much for your safety as ours.


Once the installation is finished they will invite you to look and explain how things work from a safe distance, in the slight occasion in which you can’t see or get close enough we can do a video recording to send you with just how things work.


A complete contactless service, from consultation through to completion.


Now more than ever we need your support during these very difficult and strange times, and we thank you for everything.