Bathroom ventilation!

I get told all the time “we don’t need an extractor fan, we just open the window when using the bath or shower”. The short reply is you do need an extractor fan, by not having an extractor fan you are simply filling your house with moisture. This is bad. Did you know a single person living in a house on their own can add 6 pints of moisture into the house? And a family of three can add 11 pints of moisture, a family of six people can add up to 19 pints of moisture per day. This is from simple everyday habits like using a bath or shower, drying clothes indoors and cooking / use of a kettle, this moisture needs to be removed.

The benefits of having good ventilation / fan is as follows:

  1. Good ventilation helps reduce condensation i.e water droplets on windows, walls or other surfaces.
  2. Draw out the moisture in your home and minimise the effect of dampness on your homes structure
  3. Reduce the risk of radon gas, which is oderless, colourless gas and is formed by natural decay of uranium rocks.
  4. Ventilation help control the concentrations of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) becoming toxic
  5. Allergens such as pollen, dust and other irritants will be reduced significantly with proper ventilation

If this little bit of information doesn’t help you realise you need a fan then nothing will. Just think of yours and your families health, it’s a very easy choice.

We recommend having a continuous fan installed, continuous extract ventilation is a simple effective form of extraction and doesn’t just have to be used in the bathroom. We would choose a Greenwood CV2GIP continuous extractor fan. The airflow rates are set to enable effective ventilation in the property as they are running 24 hours a day. How does that work i hear you say? Well it’s basically always on, it’s very quiet and you will hardly notice it’s switched on. When you turn the lights on, the fan kicks into action and increases extraction rate. Is it expensive to run? Not really, based on the average household a fan would cost approx £1.53 per year, this is based on it running on trickle for 22 hours and boost for 2 hours per day. Where can i put it? This fan can be installed in either a wall or a ceiling.

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