A closer look into Sanitary ware manufacturers!

There are many Sanitary ware manufacturers available, and while most do very similar designs and styles, there are quite a few things that make certain manufacturers stand out against the rest. 

We took quite a long time choosing the right manufacturers, our key things to look into were all things we believe our customers would look into themselves, if they had the knowledge and expertise like us here at Wakefield Bathrooms. Things we considered were : 

  1. Quality? We need to know once the items are installed if they would withstand the demands of everyday home or work life? We visit factories and look into other retailers already dealing with the manufacturers to give us some great feedback. 
  2. How long has the manufacturer been trading? It’s important the company is here to stay and have been around through recessions, this tells us they are committed to the industry and what they do. 
  3. Customer service? If we incur problems for whatever reason will they honour the guarantee? will they replace a faulty soft close seat or cistern fittings? are spares readily available? 
  4. Value for money, if all the above are ticked and satisfactory it is really important the manufacturer is good value for money, we are realistic people and would want value for money ourselves. 

Below are the manufacturers we supply with a short description about them and also what we personally think of each manufacturer. It’s only our opinion but we have also given each of them a rating taking into account quality, years trading, customer service and value for money. 


This has to be my favourite manufacturer in the Sanitary ware and bathroom furniture range. Everything about the products and how they are designed by the likes of Philippe Starck, Phoenix Design and Matteo Thun to name but a few is nothing but brilliant! Having visited the factory in Germany and seen first hand how things are made it really is almost unbelievable, i guess you have to see it to believe it. Duravit AG was founded back in 1817 and their continuous investment ensures us they will be around for many years. 

The best compliment i could give Duravit is i would have no hesitation in having their products installed in my own home, in fact our ensuite is fitted out with a Duravit wall hung toilet from the Happy D2 range and a Happy D2 white gloss piece of furniture. 

I would give this manufacturer a rating of 9.5 out of a possible 10 on offer, the only area in which they could improve is customer service to ourselves, deliveries could be more frequent and bigger stocks held here in the uk. 


Roca are a company that was originally formed in 1929 offering cast iron radiators, in 1936 they expanded into the sanitary ware sector and in the 90’s they arrived here in the UK. They are well known for offering quality products throughout their portfolio and the designs available are truly stunning, there is a huge range of designs to suit all requirements. The range is predominantly manufactured in Europe.

They made a huge commitment in 1999 when they acquired Swiss Keramik company Laufen bathrooms, this was big news in the bathroom industry acquiring such a quality manufacturer such as laufen, i personally have a Roca bathroom suite in my main bathroom from the Hall range and other than a replacement toilet seat last year it has been no trouble for the 8 years it has been installed.

I would give this manufacturer a rating of 8.5 out of a possible 10, the only area they could improve for me is value for money compared with other manufacturers. The customer service from this company is excellent and uk stock levels are very good. 


Traditional bathrooms really are making a comeback and this is the only choice for me. Excellent ranges of traditional bathrooms with classical, regal, edwardian and victorian bathrooms and low level, high level or close coupled toilets and a raised hight option too there really is no other options needed, and all backed with a 25 year guarantee on the sanitary ware, it just shows you how confident they are in their own products. They are also always trying to develop the range and i would happily recommend them, i would probably describe them as a modern forward thinking company with good solid values. 

If my home would suit a traditional bathroom then it would have no hesitation in installing a burlington bathroom, this company has excellent customer service and stock levels with some of the best bathroom distributors stocking the range. 

I would give this manufacturer 9.3 out of a possible 10, I'm struggling to think of any place in which they could improve but not being a traditional bathroom lover it’s hard for me to give them a 10.

Rak Ceramics 

RAK ceramics are made in the Persian Gulf and have some lovely pieces of sanitary ware, this used to be our main supplier of bathrooms going back 5 years, it has some really good value products within the range but also some that are far from good value. I would personally say for price point that the likes of Series 600 and Compact suites i would say you would find it hard to find something better for value for money. 

Huge stock levels here in the UK and spares readily available if you were to get any problems it is a company that if budget limits you that you could be confident of good customer service if needed. 

I would give RAK ceramics a rating of 7 out of a possible 10 available, decent value for money on the cheaper suites but the more expensive ranges i find it hard to see the value. 


A turkish manufacturer of sanitary ware. Vitra is actually very good, theres a standard range and a more exclusive range available and it’s clear to see the difference within the ranges, the exclusive range is more design led and really is on point, the standard range is very well priced for the quality and would have no hesitation of installing vitra. I wouldn't expect it to last as long as the more exclusive range or the other quality manufacturers but would be a much better fit than the non branded options available from DIY stores.

Brilliant customer service and very rarely out of stock this is a good choice or those with a limited budget available, we are that confident with stock levels on this product you could probably have it the next day.

I would give Vitra a rating of 7.2 out of a possible 10 available, great value for money and and extensive range available its a good choice.