A Cheaper Alternative!!

We sometimes get told we are more expensive than other companies, or that 'Mr Man and a Van' are much cheaper than you. Well there's a good reason for this, you are simply paying for what you get.

We offer quality brands all installed by our own employed fitters. We trust and believe in the brands we display here in the showroom, all have been trading for many years and have a reputation of offering quality goods, this fits in with how we work and what we would expect ourselves.

It would be quite easy to win every job by quoting on the cheapest of goods, and winning the jobs on price rathen than quality, but it's something we simply cannot afford to do. Instead we start by offering mid range products within our quote from the better brands, and we openly tell you the customer this; our quote can go up or down in price depending on your budget. 

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, please tell us. We can offer many cheaper brands like other bathroom showrooms do but still offer the full installation. We will be honest with you and tell you what you are getting fro your money, this is not to make you feel like you need to spend more its just simple honest advise, it's our job, it's exactly what you are employing us to do. We don't want you getting the wool pulled over your eyes after all. 

Remember you get what you pay for!